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Latex practice pad Disposable Micro Applicators Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil
Latex practice pad
Our Price: HKD30.00
Disposable Micro Applicators
Our Price: HKD60.00
Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil
Our Price: HKD70.00
Latex practice pad 14.5 x 19.5cm Micro Applicators

* Buy 4 get 1 Free Item
Blue Soap The House of PMU Highlighting Pencil The House of PMU Micro Brow Pencil (Expresso)
Blue Soap
Our Price: HKD70.00
  • 40ml / Bottle
  • Cleaning & Soothing Solution
  • Suggested dilution : 10% Blue Soap & 90% distilled water
  • Brightens the corners of eyes
  • Waterlines the eyes
  • Defines brows
  • Intersifies eye shadow colors
Eyebrows Pencil
The House of PMU Micro Brow Pencil (Coffee) Princessbrows Cosmetics Bag Crystal Handpiece Stand
Princessbrows Cosmetics Bag
Our Price: HKD95.00
Crystal Handpiece Stand
Our Price: HKD100.00
  • Eyebrows pencil
PrincessBrows Cosmetics Bag
Size: 20cm X 12cm X 9 cm (Approximately)
Color: Pink
1 pcs
Blades for shaperning eyebrows pencils Crystal Handpiece- Pink Colour Crystal Handpiece- White Colour
10pcs per pack

-ideal for shaping eyebrows pencil to draw ultra fine hairstrokes on eyebrows

Pink Colour
  • White Colour
Crystal Handpiece- Purple Colour Princessbrows - Eyebrows Ruler Sticker Disposable plates
Disposable plates
Our Price: HKD150.00
  • Purple Colour
  • Ruler Stickerl for eyebrows
  • 50pcs / pack
Disposable plates

18.7cm X 14.3cm

100pcs per pack
SUPER BLACK - MICRO CARBON BLACK POWDER Barrier Film Waterproof eyeliner
Barrier Film
Our Price: HKD150.00
Waterproof eyeliner
Our Price: HKD200.00
For semi-permanent eyeliner
  • - Sheet: 4”x 6”(10cm x 15cm)
  • - Roll: 4”x 200 yards (10cm x 180m)
  • - Quantity: 1200 sheets/roll
  • - Used to attach to surfaces that are difficult to clean, disinfect or sterilize in order to protect equipment and prevent cross contamination.
-Waterproof eyeliner

Pigment Ring - Large Clipcord Sleeves Permanent makeup magazine 2015 #3
Pigment Ring - Large
Our Price: HKD200.00
Clipcord Sleeves
Our Price: HKD280.00
  • 250pcs / Box
  • 2 x 24"
  • To cover and protect your machine power cord from cross contamination.
Eyebrows Stencil HFS Hair Roller Beginner Start Kit
Eyebrows Stencil
Our Price: HKD488.00
HFS Hair Roller
Our Price: HKD550.00
Beginner Start Kit
Our Price: HKD1,472.00
-12 different designs
-both right and left sides
  • 56 needles hair simulation roller
  • For Professional use
  • This product need to use with NPM handpiece
Original Price: $1550, we are offering 5% off discount now.

Beginner Start Kit Inculded:
Disposable hand piece x1pc
Crystal hand piece x2pcs
Korean Blade 14Pins Flexi x1box
Korean Blade 14Pins Hard x1box
Korean Blade 11Pins Flexi x1box
Gloden Rose Eyebrows Pencil x1pc
Pencil Sharpener x1pack
Princessbrows Pink Goodie Bag x1pc
Disposable Handpiece (Pack of 50pcs) Beginner Start Kit with Pigments Pigment Start Kit
Beginner Start Kit with Pigments
Our Price: HKD3,467.50
Pigment Start Kit
Our Price: HKD4,066.00
Original Price: $3650, now has 5% off discount offer!

Beginner Start Kit with Pigments Include:
Disposable Hand Piece x1pc
Crystal Hand Piece x2pcs
Korean Blade 14Pins Flexi x 1box
Korean Blade 14pins Hard x1box
Korean Blade 11pins Flexi x 1box
Golden Rose Eyebrow Pencil x1pc
Sharpener x1box
Eyebrows Pigment Col. Pu-erh
Eyebrows Pigment Col. Dark Pu-erh
Eyebrows Pigment Col. Mocha
Eyebrows Pigment Col. Warm Brown
Eyebrows Pigment Col. Warm it up
Princessbrows Pink Goodie Bag x1pc
Original Price: 4280, now has 5%off discount offer!
Pigment Start Kit Include:
Eyeliner Pigment: Black Diamond X1/ Black Valley x1
Eyebrows Pigment: Pu-erh x1/ Mocha x1/ Warm Brown x1/ Warm It Up x1
Lips Pigment: Rose x1/ Really Red x1/ No Blue x1/ Kumquat x1
Princessbrows Pink Goodie Bag x1pc