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Life Changing Biocelllose Repairing Mask Soak-It-Up Biocellulose Hydrating Mask Cleopatra 24K Gold LUXURY Essence
  • Rebecca Sylvester's Life Changing Biocellulose Repairing Mask is made with Liposome Technology, nano structure of skin-like mask with superior adhesion comfortably fits on your face like a second skin, retaining skin care ingredients with superior moisture retention.Suitable for post treatment sensitive skin with soothing and calming effect.
  • Age-defying ingredient, improves skin collagen fondation, skin firmness and elasticty.
  • Advance and repair from treatments of dry / rough skin wrinkles and fine lines.
  • 3pcs / box 3ML / Piece

  • Rebecca Sylvester's Soak-It-Up Hydrating Mask is made with Liposome Technology, nano struactre of skin-like mask with superior skin care ingredients penetration for all skin types.
  • Advance and repair with intense moistrization, it provides a better defense aginst environmental assaults and other aging effects.
  • High Vitamin A & C properties, stimlate celllar processes to restore moisture, nutrients and elastin, revives damaged, dry and rough skin, tightens and cleans pores.
  • Small molecular size can reach deep down into the dermis, hydrates your skin by transforms the dermis layer into a super-sponge, increases its volume and density to maintain and attach water.
  • Decreases fine lines, winkles and sagging.Promotes skin elasticity firmness, suppleness, moisure retention and tigtness.
  • 3pcs / box 3ML / Piece

  • Rebecca Sylvester"s Cleopatra 24K Gold LUXURY Essence is an astonishing daily-use Antioxidant Rich Serum formulated to provide all round protection to your skin, the nano particles of the precious metal Gold with the repairing essence helos diminishing fine-lines and hyperpigmentation.
  • Suitable to use for pre-makep before foundation and hydration lips before lipstick, as an environmental shield to retain moisture.
  • 30ml
PLATINUM Essence Life Changing Serum ( Rebecca Sylvester )
Our Price: HKD450.00
  • Rebecca Sylvester's Platinum Essence is an astonishing daily use Anioxidant Rich Serum formlated to provide all-round protection to your skin, the nano particles of the precious metal Platinum with the repairing essence helps reducing and netralizing different environmental factors induced skin damage and skin aging change.
  • Decrease fine lines, wrinkles and sagging. Promotes skin elasticity, firmness, suppleness, moisture retention and tight-ness.
  • Promotes long-term moisturization, reinforcing the natural water retention barrier in dry skin.
  • Suitable when skin protection is needed for air-conditioning environment, expo-sure to hot weather.
  • 30ml
  • Rebecca Sylvester's Life Changing Serum is a highly revitalizing serum formulated with a synergistic combination of Vitamins E , C , F , Proteoglycans, Hyaluronic Acid Cube 3 and Chamaemelum Nobile Oil, give your skin the balance it needs to reduce ageing signs, qickly restoring skin moisture, firmness and elasticity with a bright and healthy appearance.

  • Rebecca Sylvester's Life Changing Serum's powerful formulation provides results almost immediately, improves skin tone , skin hydration and elasticly, repair skin structural damage caused by snlight and daily stress, provides protection aginst free radicals and sink ageing.
  • 10 X 2ml